NJ Supported Services

The Middlesex County Educational Services Commission provides the following to students who attend St. James Elementary School:

  • Compensatory Education  - Grades Kindergarten through 8 -Students whose Math and/or Reading test scores show the need for remedial help are eligible for the Comp-Ed Program.  Students who participate in the Comp-Ed Program are responsible for the work they miss when they are not in class.
  • Speech - Students who are recommended by the teacher are screened and receive speech therapy as it is needed.
  • Supplemental Instruction - Students who have been classified by the Child-Study Team or who have learning disabilities are eligible for special instruction. 
  • Child Study Evaluation - Students who have problems learning may be recommended by the teacher or parent for a comprehensive learning evaluation.  Results are discussed with parents, teachers and the administration.
  • Home Instruction - Any student who must remain out of school for more than two weeks is eligible for home instruction.  In order to receive this service, parents must submit a form from the doctor.